6502 / 65C02: Hardware / Software and 6502 FORTH


MAS65, 6502 Macro Assembler

6502 Cross-assembler with a Macro facility, **NEW VERSION 1.0.2**
available for Z80 CP/M and x86 PC-DOS.

*** NEW *** 65XX Library for EAGLE.!

Eagle library with 65C02, 65C22, 65C51 and 65C816 -- download 65xxxE1.ZIP (3K)

Do-It-Yourself 6502 wire-wrap computer -- with optional FORTH Kernel

As featured in Issue #78 of The_Computer_Journal.

DIY6502 is now a full-blown PCB prototype!

NEW: PCB Proto Schematic

For close-up photos, click on this picture: