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Limited-Time offer: Schematic and Board Editor with Autorouter

I strongly recommend that you take advantage of CadSoft's limited-time offer. Go to and download EAGLE Light Edition!

This is the full system with schematic entry, component libraries and PC Board Layout Editor with Autorouter.
It also contains full on-line help.

When you have EAGLE up and running, download

You can modify and autoroute, and even design your own 6502 board!

EAGLE Light Edition is fully functional; just don't use it for profit. It makes photoplot files; drill files; everything you need to make prototype PCBs. You can also print them right from your laser printer using PnP (Press-n-Peel) iron-on resist, and make a Printed Circuit board in just minutes (except for the holes).

EAGLE Light Edition Installation

Helpful Hints:

Download the Freeware License.Key file, "license.key" into the same directory.

Use EDIT or a browser to read the beginning of "license.key" and write
down the Installation Code at the beginning of the file.