DIY 6502 prototype
"Do it yourself!"
Featured in Issue #78 of The_Computer_Journal.
  The PDF file can be easily printed, and you can zoom in to any part of the schematic. A special thanks to Dave Baldwin, former editor of The Computer Journal, for converting it...

Now available: DIY6502 design source files.
CAD files for use with Eagle-Lite Schematic and Board Editor with Autorouter

If you know the FORTH language, there is also 6502 figFORTH configured for DIY6502, including 6551 ACIA driver routines for terminal I/O.

Source code for a downloader!!
DIY6502 emulates a printer so you can download object files in parallel right from DOS, using (for example) 'COPY_TESTPROG.HEX_LPT1:'

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