ZDSPROJ Launcher

A Project Launch Steering Utility for ZiLOG Developer Studio II (ZDS-II), which opens project files of type 'zdsproj'.

This has been bugging me for over 2 years. Finally there is something to address this issue.

The problem with ZiLOG Tools is they have at least
three different flavors of tool, and if you like
Zilog parts enough to use more than one tool chain,
your Windows file association is reset to the last
installed (most recently) tool path.

This small utility helps to overcome that limitation.
It still requires manually setting the tool paths in
a single .INI file, and re-associating this utility
with the 'zdsproj' file type after a new ZDS tool install.
But I think the benefit for ease-of-use is well worth
the small amount of effort to install and configure it.

This small, light-weight utility saves me a ton of headache.
    To install the 'zdsproj_Launcher' tool:

  1. Copy the binary executable and the .INI file
    into the root ZiLOG installs folder, usually
    'C: / Program Files / Zilog /'.

  2. Modify the .INI file to match your preferred
    tools versions. (For example you have multiple
    versions of each tool installed, but you can set
    which tool to invoke at any time).

  3. In Windows Explorer, go to the menu:
    Tools / Folder Options / File Types,
    modify the type for ZDSPROJ, to point
    to the tool. (You can always restore it later).

    Now the user can double-click any '.zdsproj' file and the utility will invoke the proper tool chain.


    I have polished up the code for public distribution.

    License and Distribution

    This is a tiny project. There's not
    enough to worry about. But if it isn't
    • These posted versions are public-domain (obviously).
    • I'm the original Author. Please don't forget to mention this in any derivative work.
    That's all.