All source code projects on this page are designed to build with ZiLOG Development
  Tools, and be executed on ZiLOG processors only. Please be advised that
  using ZMASM 640K DOS Version -- or any other ZiLOG Development Tool -- for any
  other manufacturer's processor is in violation of ZiLOG's licensing terms:

  ZMASM           : README.TXT
  Release Version : 2.10 for "640K" DOS version

  This software is  to  be used by you only for the purposes of evaluating
  the software or operating  Zilog integrated circuits.  Other uses that do
  not include the operation  of a Zilog integrated circuit by this software
  are strictly prohibited to you or any third party to whom you may provide
  this software for evaluation purposes.  If  a  third  party  to  whom you
  provided  this software breaches  this Agreement, you will be responsible.

Camel_FORTH for the Z80, ZNEO, Z180, Z380/Z382, and eZ80 Acclaim! ;  Z80 hFORTH

-NEW- Camel_FORTH for ZNEO

A fast 32-bit Forth for ZiLOG's new ZNEO Series. Download: (219K) -- FORTH on ZNEO.

Camel_FORTH for Z80

Some time ago, I revised Z80_CAMEL_FORTH to assemble with the Zilog Macro Assembler. -- so, you can still assemble and develop a custom Z80_FORTH under DOS. For more information about Camel_Forth, see the Camel_Forth Page... and ALSO for further developed versions:

Garry Lancaster (in the UK) has been developing these sources for the Cambridge Z88. This is an almost fully ANS-compliant Z80 Forth with most extensions. See Z88 Camel_Forth for source code, documentation, etc.

Also, Karl Lunt (in Bothell, Washington) has since developed these sources for the Z180.  This is a stand-alone  Z180 Camel_Forth , suitable for embedded systems development.

For some background on Camel_Forth, and the original reasons for its creation, you can also read the series of articles about porting
.Forth to new processors ,  Moving .Forth: a series on writing .Forth kernels .

Camel_FORTH for Z380/Z382

The world's first 32-bit Camel Forth? No kidding... it's really 32 bits. Recently I had the opportunity to work with the ZiLOG Z382, and in the process ported Camel Forth to it. This is a drastic rewrite of the low-level functions. This kernel parallels the Z80 with register allocation, and some things are the same, but it's entirely different in 32-bit "extended" mode, and almost every low-level word was revised or re-written. (and yes, it's very fast.)
Download: (37K).

Camel_FORTH for eZ80_Acclaim! 'F91

    -- eZ80F91 Forth Kernel for ZDS II
Includes Flash-able HEX file of the Kernel !!
For the eZ80F91 Evaluation Platform
Download: (32K).


Camel_FORTH for eZ80_Acclaim! 'F92

As an exercise, I ported CamelForth to ZDS II for the eZ80 Acclaim! eZ80F92. It was a good review of what was contained in the existing Z80 kernel, and also revealed limitations of the new ZDS II tools from ZiLOG. It is my conclusion that ZDS 3.68 has a superior assembler macro facility, and it handles linking for the CamelForth kernel more intuitively: Since ZiLOG's ZDS II uses a entirely different assembler macro processor, all macros (and every instance of each macro's invocation) had to be modified to work with ZDS II. The entire kernel also had to be placed into a single named segment, or ZDS II would not resolve symbols properly. So, I guess we should be glad ZDS v3.68 is a fairly good and stable tool. Apparently, XTools (ZDS II) is a whole new team of developers with an entirely different strategy.

For ZDS_II (ZiLOG XTools) eZ80F92 Development Kit...
This build also runs on an eZ80190 development board.
Download: (92K).


Camel_FORTH for the eZ80190

Here it is... eZ80 Camel_Forth, for ZiLOG Developer Studio (ZDS) v3.65: (26K) -- let me know how it works for you!

NEW: (106K) ('R' for ROMmable) is a custom version suitable for EPROM, using the eZ80's internal 8K RAM.

Camel_FORTH for the Rabbit_2000

If you're looking for a Forth for the Rabbit 2000, try here:
eForth for Rabbit 2000 by Ken Staton.)


TRS-80 Camel_Forth

I also ported Camel_Forth to the TRS-80 Model 4 and LS-DOS -- see the TRS-80 CamelForth Page

hForth for the Z80

Additionally, I also revised Z80_hForth to assemble with the Zilog Macro Assembler. -- and again, you can cross-assemble and develop a custom Z80-based .Forth on your PC.