sBoot4T v1.1a -- 19200-baud Serial Boot Loader
(with Terminal Mode) for TRS-80 Models 1/3/4/4P
Copyright (C) 2000, Douglas Beattie Jr.

Usage: SBOOT4T hexfile [ comport ] { <inpfile }

      hexfile       is an Intel HEX file
      comport       optional, COM port (1..4), defaults to COM2)
      inpfile       any text file for redirected input in terminal mode.

This is similar to SBOOT4 v1.0, but now includes a "dumb terminal"
so you can actually control the program (Forth Kernel, for example)
after it's booted -- it's an enhanced version of SBOOT4, which
includes terminal support. SBOOT4T will also utilize ANSI terminal
control codes if you have ANSI.SYS installed.

In terminal mode, press F9 to start feeding from standard-input; press F10 to exit the program.

Now you can cross assemble Z80 programs and remote boot (upload)
into any RS232-equipped TRS-80, and use your PC as a remote terminal,
which means you can also use the TRS-80 screen (and graphics card if you
have one) for anything you like.

If you're using a Model 4P, just hold down the right shift key,
press reset, to invoke the built-in serial bootloader ROM.

If you have a Model 1/3/4, you can also use SBOOT4T -- you'll need
to get SBOOTX, the CMD packages from my web site, and possibly use
David Keil's emulator to put the appropriate standalone serial
bootloader /CMD program onto a TRS-80 floppy disk.

There is also a functional version of Camel FORTH for the TRS-80 -- A complete
Z80 Forth system with all source code, it includes a .HEX file ready
to serial-boot (upload using SBOOT4T.)

Download SBOOT11A.ZIP (14K) and give it a try!